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Mark Wickliffe

Mark Wickliffe has been the VP Sales for Birkman International, Inc. over
the past 12 years. In this role he oversees the sales strategies and sales
consultants for the company worldwide. He also personally supports Birkman’s
largest clients by helping them effectively use Birkman’s products and
services in their workplaces. Mark has worked with clients across North
America, Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia.  Prior to
Birkman, Mr. Wickliffe was a co-founder of a regional staffing and
technology firm based in Houston, Texas. Before this he held management
positions with Robert Half International, Office Depot, and Target.  Mark
has a B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Houston. 

Birkman International, Inc. (est. 1951) is a publisher of online assessment
services. Our services support coaching, leadership development, team
building, career outplacement / management, hiring, and more. Our results
apply both personally and professionally. Our core services include:  

1.      The Birkman Method® assessment - a valid, reliable, scientific
assessment of personality, social perceptions, motivation, and occupational

2.      The Birkman Method® Certification course - the course for The
Birkman Method® that covers the background, scales, and advanced reporting
produced from the assessment.  

3.      The Birkman 360º survey - a multi-rater survey of nine leadership
behaviors to aid in determining areas for personal coaching and development.

4.      The Birkman Abilities Inventory - a general reasoning assessment
measuring problem identification and problem solving. It is used primarily
for hiring and selection.

5.      Consulting Services – directly and through a global network of
independent Birkman Consultants we can provide consultation and facilitation
services related to Birkman products.  

Our goal at Birkman International is the development and distribution of
valid, reliable test and assessments that can be used to support making
better hires, developing more effective leadership, improving teamwork,
achieving more meaningful careers, and generating higher levels of
individual and team performance through higher engagement and personal well
being. Our business is people.