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SPA 2014 Annual Pharma Conference Agenda




APRIL 1-3, 2014


Tuesday, April 1  

4:00 pm - Registration Opens


4:45 pm - Welcome





5:00 pm - Change, Challenges and Choices - Christine Corelli - Christine Corelli & Associates, Inc.



A Personal Invitation from Keynote Speaker Christine Corelli 

It's "Business NOT As Usual"  

These are challenging times. "Business as Usual" is over. Worldwide competition, a volatile economy, decreased product differentiation, longer sales cycles, shorter product life spans, government regulations and financial challenges are major issues routinely facing organizations in all industries today.


Consumers and business customers alike are more cost-conscious and demanding than ever before. Value-added has taken on a new meaning.


The marketer's role has expanded. Social marketing and branding are now standard business practices. Highly creative and powerful messages in advertising are more critical than ever before. Sales professionals are under the gun. To meet their goals, they are now required to be masters at building relationships, have the highest level of business expertise, sell "solutions," and be viewed by customers as "indispensable business partners."


Small business owners and manager are seeking ways to make their companies and employees more efficient, more effective, and more profitable -- all while they are striving to excel in sales, marketing, advertising, and staff management. Hard pressed to keep a positive attitude at all times, these individuals must continually find ways to motivate strung out employees.


Business professionals in every job role are required to do more, produce more, and find ways to be one step ahead of the competition. Business may never be the same. The game has changed. The rules are different.  


How can we rise to meet these challenges and excel in all we do in the Specialty Pharmaceutical industry?


Please accept my personal invitation to attend the conference. Bring key people in your company, and obtain answers to these questions. I promise you will leave the session recharged, refocused, and ready to meet your challenges HEAD on!



6:00-8:00 pm - Opening Reception - Marco Island Room



Wednesday, April 2  

7:00 am - Breakfast


8:00 am - Welcome!



8:15 am - More than Medicine - Ash Shehata - Partner, Advisory Sciences - KPMG, LLP


Mr. Shehata will present a global perspective of changes within the Specialty Pharma industry, explain the role of outcomes for patients versus current reimbursement models, and discuss the current movements in direct to consumer engagement models.  



9:15 am - Networking Break



9:45 am - Decision Criteria Physicians Use to Determine Their Choices of Drugs and Dietary Supplements - Dr. Warren P. Lesser

Founder, President & CEO -

MAGNA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 


Dr. Lesser's  data from interviews revealed physicians use similar decision criteria for drugs and dietary supplements. Three essential influencers of physician decisions included clinical evidence, personal experience, and cost. Other influencers were opinions of peers, pharmaceutical representatives, samples, direct-to-consumer advertising, and knowledge of dietary supplements. Study outcomes may inform pharmaceutical marketers regarding presentation of clinical evidence, cost emphasis, and pharmaceutical representative skills. Outcomes may facilitate competitive advantage determinations for drug and dietary supplement marketers. The presentation will include interesting and enlightening excerpts from physician study subjects. Markets are dynamic and so are physician customers.



10:45am - Networking Break



11:00am - Medical Foods -Will Garvin, Esq. Counsel-  Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, P.C. 


Medical Foods are gaining much interest among many Specialty Pharma companies as new products are constantly entering the market place. The definition of Medical Foods, Dietary Supplements and Nutritional Products can be somewhat confusing and all are gaining regulatory scrutiny by the FDA. With the recent issuance of the Draft Guidance For Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Foods, it is important for companies to recognize the issues and opportunities available in producing and marketing Medical Foods. The definitions of these different products and the related regulatory issues will be explained during this presentation.


12 Noon - Adjourn for Wednesday


1:30 pm - Golf Tournament 

Hawk's Landing Golf Club 


If you enjoy golfing, plan on joining your industry colleagues for a relaxing round of golf at the Hawk's Landing Golf Club at the Marriott World Center Hotel.  The tournament will feature a two person scramble with lunch included.



Thursday, April 3 

7:00 am - Breakfast



8:00 am - The U.S. Pharmaceutical Market:

What's In?  What's Out?  What's Ahead?

Doug Long - VP, Industry Relations - IMS Health 


The U.S. Pharmaceutical market continues to emerge among changes within the industry brought on by forces including government mandated healthcare, mergers and acquisitions, and new products with a focus on patient centricity.  This presentation will include an in-depth view into the current trends of major pharmaceutical products and a forecast of future expectations.


9:00 am - Networking Break



9:30 am - The Drug Quality and Security Act -

Implementation Overview of Federal Traceability - Kristen Freitas - Sr. Dir., Federal Government Affairs

Healthcare Distribution Management Association 


With the historic passing of the The Drug Quality and Security Act by Congress in December of 2013, the industry now has the opportunity to create a uniform system of product traceability.  Much work remains within the details and implementation of a track and trace system that will meet the standards and expectations required by legislation.  This presentation will discuss the issues and proposals being created by industry to comply with federal traceability.


10:30am - Networking Break 



10:45am - Current Issues with OTC Medicines

and Dietary Supplements - Dr. Jay Sirois

Director, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs

Consumer Healthcare Products Association 


As the OTC Industry continues to emerge with increased competition and regulatory scrutiny it is important for companies marketing and manufacturing OTC products to understand the current issues. With the changes brought forth by healthcare reform and increased direct to consumer marketing, OTC products are becoming evermore important to consumers.  OTC medicines and dietary supplements create new opportunities for companies interested in expanding their product lines.


11:45am - Networking Break


12:00 Noon - Lunch



1:30 pm - Grasping the Important Pillars of Social   Media - Greg Cohen- Senior Manager, Social Media and Influence - UCB, Inc. 


Social Media marketing for pharmaceutical products has become the latest method for direct to consumer marketing.  In creating UCB's Social Media marketing program, Mr. Cohen will discuss the successes and challenges of creating a social media marketing program within an established pharmaceutical company.  Hear how UCB's Social Media marketing program has positively affected their products and relationships with consumers.


2:30 pm - Networking Break



2:45 pm - SCORE: A Model For Effective Customer Engagement Planning - Kim Johnson

Partner, Account Services & Strategic Planning

The CementBloc 


For a brand to be successful it must engage effectively with its customers and go beyond presenting its best self through branding alone.  Plan effective customer engagement and go from an 'audience' mindset to a 'user' mindset.


3:45 pm - Networking Break



4:00 pm - Regulatory Update - Will Garvin, Esq.

Counsel - Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, P.C.


Mr. Garvin will present industry updates on current issues and actions from the FDA, the DEA and certain State Boards of Pharmacy that directly affect companies active within the Specialty Pharma industry.



5:00 pm - Conference Adjourn


6:00-8:00 pm - Closing Reception - Solaris Deck